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Video Performance / HydraVision

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DDR SDRAM is built in ATi MOBILITY RADEON that connecting with rendering core by 128 bits.

From ATi MOBILITY 128 of PowerBook G4 Titanium as before, consumption electricity went up with 2.4 W.

But performance improved because clock frequency increased and used DDR memory device. In particular, performance improvement in a multi-monitor called HydraVision is remarkable. With video mirroring mode, animation of PowerPoint does not need to be slow.

205_ Graphic relativity performance

205_ Graphic relativity performance

I showed relativity value with Rev.A by 16000000 colors. Character display measures it with kanji display with smoothing ON.

Performance of mirroring mode of Rev.A is extremely poor. I understand what I can operate at higher speed than Rev.A even if I use HydraVision mode with Rev. B.

206_ CPU and RADEON core performance

As one indication, I showed performance of copybits.

I measured Large copybits in order to evaluate AGP and CPU performance. With relation of memory performance of CPU side, there is not performance improvement from Rev.A to Rev.B.

This determination is shown with the character display which CPU performance is related to. However, copybits scroll rect realized performance up of 2 times or more.

206_ CPU and RADEON core performance

207_ RADEON HydraVision performance

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