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Die-junction Temperature

PowerBook G3 233/12STN released in May 1998

  • left side:PowerBook G3 233/12STN without L2 cache (n=3)

PowerBook G3 233/13

  • center:PowerBook G3 233/13 (n=5)

PowerBook G3 233/14

  • right side:PowerBook G3 233/13 with 512K L2 cache (n=46)

PowerBook G3 250/13 released in May 1998

  • (n=18)

PowerBook G3 266/14

  • (n=36)

PowerBook G3 292/14 released in May 1998

  • left side:PowerBook G3 292/14 (n=3)

PowerBook G3 300/14

  • right side:PowerBook G3 300/14 (n=19)

PowerBook G3 333/14

  • left side:PowerBook G3 333/14(n=3) with MacOS 8.6 temp=71 +-4

PowerBook G3 400/14

  • right side:PowerBook G3 400/14(n=7) with MacOS 8.6 temp=73.143 +- 8.971

PowerBook G3 released in October 1997

  • no data

NuPower G3 for PowerBook 2400 240/512K

  • left side:NuPower G3 240/512K with PowerBook 2400/180 (n=5)
  • center:NuPower G3 240/512K with PowerBook 2400/240 (n=1)

NuPower G3 for PowerBook 2400 240/1M

  • right side:NuPower G3 240/1M with PowerBook 2400/240 (n=2)

BOOSTER PB2400 G3 240

  • left side:BOOSTER PB2400 240 with PowerBook 2400/240 (n=1)

BOOSTER PB2400 G3 320

  • center:BOOSTER PB2400 320 with PowerBook 2400/180 (n=1)
  • right side:BOOSTER PB2400 320 with PowerBook 2400/240 (n=2)

NuPower G3 for PowerBook 1400/250/1M

  • left side:NuPowerG3 for PowerBook 1400/250 (n=5)

BOOSTER PB1400 G3 233

  • right side:BOOSTER PB1400 G3 233 (n=7)

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